43,0000$ suit

Legendary Italian fashion house Brioni unveiled a 43,000$ suit. No need to ask what it is made out of because we already know the answer: it is tailored to perfection and with the best and rarest material that couture can put their hands on. The suit is not for the elite, but for the elite of the elite, the top 1% earners worldwide.
Certain people may think that it is ridiculous to buy a 43,000$ suit. I disagree: value is in the eye of the beholder. I wouldn’t buy that suit, however, there is a market for it and Brioni recognized it. I would like to congratulate Brioni because they had the guts and confidence to introduce the suit in such chaotic financial times.
A 43,000$ suit for a person who earns 1$ billion annually is like a 430$ suits for a person who earns 1$million annually. My only suggestion is to the dry cleaners: be extremely careful with a 43,000$ suit.


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