Kanye West’s stylist is pissed, more pissed than Kanye

Christian Bale may be last week’s meltdown du jour, but weeks ago, one of Kanye West’s stylists, the improbably named Ibn Jasper (above, wearing the black beanie and glasses) took to his personal blog, ferrarimurakami.blogspot.com, to mouth off against “The h8trs,” to wit: “People were saying that we dress “gay” and that we’re “clowns” among other things. And for the record, aint NONE OF US “gay”or a “clown”. What’s so funny to me about it , is that we dress like grown men. We are all approaching, or in our 30s, and we have style, money, and a vast knowledge of fashion. Has this hip-hop, street sh!t made everybody forget what a man REALLY is, or supposed to look like?”


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