The Spring Wardrobe calls oni-ki an online shopping mecca. We decided to check out this place to see how much putting together a simple spring outfit would set us
back. Buyer beware. From top to bottom:

These are Linda Farrow Projects x Damir Doma Wayfarers, but at 231
pounds ($326) the only people who can afford them are those
missing investment bankers Gawker says have been fleeing to Argentina.

Raf Simons & Fred Perry Mesh Vest:
As we said earlier, one of the big trends for Spring is orange. Who
doesn’t need a 109 pound ($154) orange mesh vest?

Folk Slim Short:
These shorts cost $120 because they are made out of 100% Japanese
cotton twill. Buy at your own discretion if things like organic cotton
twill are important to you.

Martin Margiela brass keyring:
At 139 pounds (almost $200) this is fabulously
extravagant. Like Puffy or Kanye would have one of these. Approve!

Raf Simons & Dr. Martens classic sandals: We also love these sandals, and would
consider (only consider!) paying 170 pounds ($240!) for them.


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