French cuff shirt: a false impression

French cuff shirts are considered more formal, for dressing up and are the ideal business wear (particularly with the use of high quality cufflinks). However, one major false impression is that a French cuff shirt cannot be worn with open cuffs. I STONGLY DISAGREEE. A French cuff dress shirt can be worn with open cuffs. Brad Pitt in Ocean Eleven is the prefect example for the unbuttoned French cuff. The following picture will get my point across.

French Cuff Shirt



  1. You must be really out of your mind to argue that, if brad pitt wears open cuffs, it must be a general fashion. In movies they also make combinations, and you can also see them wearing pijamas on the conferences. you may try various mixes, however this is not the way to be formal. cufflinks must be worn on closed cuffs.fullstop.greetings from london

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