Personal Style

Men’s couture is often taken rather too seriously by some of us.  We forget that personal preferences play a role in choosing clothing and simply bring home anything that is shown in the latest fashion magazines.  This is a huge mistake.

Each and every person, man, woman or child, has his/her own limitations and assets.  Dressing in keeping with these will help enhance a person’s look optimally. While it is true that in today’s competitive world making a good first impression is very important, it is also a fact that simply wearing clothes considered to be the latest trends will not help achieve this aim.

It is good to draw inspiration from fashion magazines or even seek out the expertise of an image consultant, but it is very important to balance it with your personal comfort.  Right from a men’s dress shirt to even a casual pair of shorts, everything must be worn keeping your age, body structure and even face cut in mind.

Do not end up looking like a fashion victim simply by copying men on the ramp. Remember this section of men’s couture is designed for the red carpet and the ramp only and does not work too well in the real world.

It is also crucial that you wear your clothes with a certain confidence.  This is the reason why a men’s dress shirt may look great on one person and disastrous on another similar structured man.  Attitude and confidence are both very important when you choose your clothes.

Do remember that brand names are not always safe buys.  Simply buying a branded men’s dress shirt or pair of jeans does not guarantee that it will look good.  Personal style is the most important aspect of men’s couture and should never be ignored in trying to keep pace with the latest in the fashion industry.



  1. I think it’s important to keep in mind that the great personalities in any field break the rules and that there’s actually nothing great about looking like everyone else! Ideally, we figure out what we like and how to get it to look good on ourselves.

  2. Check out C’est Beau in the LES of manhattan. its mainly a sample sale for Nom de Guerre, Reason, Peg Leg and Claw Money but features pieces from many other collections. The store is at 55 Delancey between Eldridge and Allen and is only lasting for the month of July

  3. I totally agree that always buying a well know brand name does not mean it will give you the look or feel you think it will. Hundreds of dollars if not thousands can be spent on a mens suit. Some people wear them everyday for work – if it had to be some famous brand then just the work clothes would be a 3rd mortgage. Quality, Comfort, and selection is what I find important

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