Tapout: Bravo Bravo Bravo

Created in 1997 by Charles “MASK” Lewis (1963-2009), Dan “Punkass” Caldwell and Tim “SkyScrape” Katz, TapouT is the most popular clothing line among MMA (Mix Martial Arts) fighters and fans. The TapouT brand and logo symbolizes MMA and fighting.

With no capital and business experience, the TapouT crew started selling shirts from the back of their vans at different MMA events.  As for marketing, Lewis strongly believed in the strategy of the rock group Kiss. Thus, the characters of Mask with his facial war paint,  Punkass with his bandana and Skyscrape with his afro wig were created and they became one of the most recognizable clothing designers (and entrepreneurs) in the world.  They also sought to expand with the sport by investing in MMA and the fighters.  In the early years, Mask explained the shirts sales were doing two things:  “It was going to make more shirts for the next show, and the biggest thing, we were paying for our fighters in the show. We had to sell enough shirts to pay our fighters at the end of the night. And sometimes, we did not make enough money, resulting in having to convince the fighter to wait until the end of the next game to get paid. I was like ‘this is what we’ve got right here; we’ll give you this now, we’ve got another show next week.”

Today, Tapout is a multimillion-dollar company with an expanding clothing line and a successful realty TV show. They stood by their objectives of representing MMA and they succeeded.  They only reinvest in marketing the fighters and in MMA.

The future is bright for Tapout and it will be very difficult for another MMA clothing line to challenge them.  Tapout has been present since the creation of MMA, the guys love the sport, the fighters support Tapout and most importantly, TapouT is a prophet of MMA and the UFC (UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and it is MMA’S biggest promotional company).

TapouT is an example of the American dream and we would like to say a million “bravo” to TapouT.  Congratulation boys.



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