Grooming suggestion for men

Shaving is among the oldest grooming activities for men, and quite frankly some of us enjoy it quite a bit. Brushing up on shaving technique is essential, as nicks and cuts can really detract from a clean shaven visage, not to mention their ability to make one come across as careless and sloppy.  But just as important as using a quality sharp blade is the kind of cream you use. Recently I came across Shea Moisture’s Shave Butter made with African black soap and shea butter. This particular cream advertises itself as “chock full of vegetable butters, botanical extracts, and vitamins”, so right out of the gate it’s obvious that this is going to be a different feeling cream than what many of us are used to.  And it is- no foam at all, but the texture of the cream lets the blade glide across the face with ease.  Oh, and it smells amazing.  So grab a tub of this stuff, lather up, and enjoy a different kind of shave.

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