Style vs Fashion

Someone who is fashionable is not necessarily stylish and vice versa.  A fashionable person is someone who keeps up with the daily whims of the fashion world.  A fashionable person is always up to date on the latest fad, but is also always dated.  They are dated because all you need to know when one of their pictures was taken is to look at their outfit.  Anyone with sufficient disposable income can be fashionable.  All you need is the latest issue of GQ and your credit card.
A stylish person on the other hand is someone who has an air of self-imposed fashion and rules.  A stylish person is someone who has gone beyond the rules and whims of fashion and has become their own person.  A stylish person will always be stylish by the way they wear their clothes, always in some way asserting themselves through their outfits.  The stylish person does know the rules of fashion, but in knowing the rules also knows how to break them.  It is always better to be stylish then to be fashionable.  A fashionable person stops being fashionable person when their credit card is denied.

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  1. You are absolutely right. Looking good is not just about how much money you spend on clothes and your style, but it is also about how confident you are. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing it will show. It’s good to be yourself and unique.

  2. I really like the distinction you made here between the two here.
    FASHION is always about following what others dictate is the latest current trend. STYLE is about absolutely owning your own look and image regardless of current trends – good stuff!!

  3. Fashion is a business and following rules of others while style is an attitude and personality expressed through more than clothes but the way a man carries himself. Usually, fashion will evolve into style 🙂

  4. I so agree with all the comment here. To me, being a designer, my style is who I am with attitude, swag, etc. I make the clothes and I wear the clothes never letting the clothes, style, garments wear me. Fashion is what I/we make it. Just like Gordey mention, fashion is a business, a business designers make, show, and share our style and for the world will soon love. Style create fashion, my my book. Rich, your right, good stuff!

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