Male Jewelry

Recently Iran banned the importation of necklaces for men as part of their fight to protect the moral purity of their people.  That’s an insane ban.  But what kind of jewelry should we as men wear?  Stores like Topman, Forever21, and H&M are catering to a growing demand for male jewelry.  With a suit very few pieces of jewelry will ever be acceptable, and a necklace is certainly not one of them.

Any jewelry you do choose to wear on a daily basis should look like you wear it in a daily basis.  That is to say that any piece of jewelry you are wearing gives the impression that you have been wearing it for a long time.  The reason for this is that if it looks new and out of place it call for unwarranted attention, as if you were wearing the price tag.  So experiment with jewelry, it is a fun way to add something extra to your wardrobe; women have been doing a great job at it for centuries.


One comment

  1. Wow, what an issue. Very odd ban indeed, what a place to draw the line. We love a cool necklace, we rarely think about it being frowned upon.

    The horrors of the world…
    The Eye.

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