Facial Hair

image from http://whatthehipster.tumblr.com/

Properly grooming your facial hair can do wonders for your look.  Doing it wrong can have terrible consequences, of which looking bad is the least of your worries.  It can be difficult to know what will make you look good, so experiment.  However do not experiment like if you were in the early 2000s.  Do not go outside if it looks over groomed or as if you were shaving and decided that just a pencil thin beard looked good.  Do not leave a neck beard, it makes you look unkempt.  Do not use a style that you might expect to see in a 70s porn star.  And for the love of all that is fashionable, never ever go outside, or let there be a record of you attempting Michael Jordan’s Hitler mustache.

Now into the benefits of facial hair.  If you are able to grow a non-patchy beard-sadly I cannot-make sure that if you smile no bare skin can be seen on your chin.  I would be weary of wearing a mustache by itself, it will sadly make most of us look like pedophiles. However mustaches have been growing in popularity in the last few years, so find someone who will be honest with you and try out a new look.



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