The Man Makes the Clothes

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          When the clothes make the man that is because the man is not a man, but merely a mannequin.  When the man makes the clothes it is because that man understands what clothes should be.  Clothes should not create your status nor your style. Your clothes should reflect who you are.  Use your clothes like how an artist uses his art materials. When an artist creates a new piece he uses his materials in order to help him expose a part of his inner self to the world.  When you choose a new outfit think of it as attempting to show the world a part of who you are.  An artist that merely buys the most expensive materials and throws them together is not an artist. In the same spirit, a person who buys the most expensive clothing is not creating anything, they are merely consuming.  Use your clothes as materials and yourself as your canvas. Be an artist through your style and create something new.


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