Elk Accessories

Elk is an Australia based accessories designer company that has a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.  The company’s products are delightfully minimalistic in design and color palette.  Elk is committed to using high grade raw materials and to working with small manufacturers to produce high quality products.  Elk’s website mentions that “accessories should be a statement, easy to wear, comfortable, affordable and instantly recognizable” which contains their entire fashion philosophy.

The simplicity of the products is a breath of fresh air in an over-designed atmosphere.  The color palette is based on a natural color palette.  This color palette gives the accessories a refined masculine feel.  The air of refinement is further reinforced by the clean cut lines in the design.  Their document wallet is a perfect example of the style.  The document wallet is navy with a brown latch.  The design is leather, nothing more.  But it is in not having more that is actually more.  Minimal design is tricky, too minimal looks bare but the right amount of minimal is more.  And I think that Elk’s accessories are the right amount of minimal.  Having one of their accessories will certainly make a state.



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