Bold Color All Year

Winter means that closets will change their color and become monochromatic.  But damned be the season, this winter you should be an evergreen and keep your color.  But when defying the norm you must make a statement out of it.  This means that to pull off color in the winter it must be bold colors.  Red is perhaps the boldest color so add something red to your wardrobe this season.  Just be weary of not overdoing it.  If it looks like a rainbow vomited on you, it is too much.  Just because you are being a rebel does not mean that you can throw aesthetics out the window.

A bold color does not have to be a bright color.  A deep violet is bold but it is not bright.  On the other hand white is bright but hardly bold, for the notable exception of white jeans as these are defying a norm in of themselves.  So a way to know whether a color is bold is by first impressions.  If a color at first sight does not cause a strong reaction from you it is safe to say that it is not bold.  if the color screams, in a good way, then it is a bold color.


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