Colorful Soles

The Ember shoe from Donald J Pliner.
Available for 298$ on

Long ago, in the Dark Ages it was the case that being interested in shoes was the sole magisteria of women, but we are in the Enlightenment and the shoe-bonanza for men has never been more varied and fun to explore.  One style that has pique Modus interest is shoes with contrasting, colored soles.   This style has become rather prominent in the last few years, reaching all sections of male fashion.  Literally every brand that makes shoes for men-that you should wear-has several shoes that have been reinvented with a color sole.  And reinvented is the correct word here.  It used to be the case that you would have a black pair of shoes and a brown pair of shoes, but now every new style that you have added in the previous years, e.g. desert books, chukka boots, boat shoes, etc., can be added again, and again because you can acquire them in all the colors of the rainbow, and then some.

We believe that you can judge a man rather well by the shoes he wears, and if they are a fun, modern suede shoe with bright orange soles, we can say with great confidence that that man has style.


Available for 275$ on




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