Bertigo shirts

If you are the type that is edgier then most, you should check out the Bertigo shirt collection. With a unique use of fabrics, patterns, and materials, Bertigo is able to infuse all their shirt collections with a modern feel that is right any season.  One of the things we really like about Bertigo is their creative use of buttons. It is not something that most people think about when buying a shirt, but owning a shirt with square buttons, wood or metal buttons will set you above the pack.  The cut of the shirt is impeccable, slim, modern and most importantly: all Bertigo shirts have the same fit. The use of patterns, for example adding paisley assent to a solid color shirt, adds enough pizzazz to the shirt that it makes it a wonderful piece.  Of course, if you are trying to be edgier that effect all but disappears if another person is wearing the same thing as you, which is why the fact that few stores carry Bertigo is good.  By being carried by few, it is more selective because your neighbor will not simply walk past it at Bloomingdales.

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  1. This is a very unique style shirt. The collection is great I would definitely like to have some in my wardrobe. I general buy casual and formal wear made by Monteil brand they also have unique collection every season.

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