Bloggers event coming up!

As the title tells, Modus man is planning a huge bloggers event in January.

This event will take place in the fashion district of Manhattan, best known under the name of Soho. This makes us want to tell you more about the history of this district that was not always the hub of trendy boutiques.

Soho comes from “South Houston” because it is located under the Houston Street in lower Manhattan. It first was an industrial area and gradually drew artists who found refuge thanks to the low rents in the late 60s. As this area attracted more and more the world’s attention, the rents were rising and artists couldn’t afford to live in this district anymore. Artists have been replaced by a very wealthy population and studios have been replaced by luxury boutiques.

The neighborhood is nowadays quiet at night and residential, even if those who can afford to live here are a small minority of the population. This is perhaps the reason why this area makes people dream …

manhattan 50's#Manhattan in the 50’s

soho 30's#Soho in the 30’s

Two worldwide famous bloggers also worked as partners with Modus man these last months. Keiko Lynn & Yvan Rodic designed Modus Man’s shirts and they will be EXCLUSIVELY discovered the night of the event.

So… BE READY FOR THE PARTY! #champagne#cocktails#models#shirts#party#cool#soho#january#notboring



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