“Know your music, know where it came from and you’ll know where it’s going.” DJ Lexey

Talented DJ Lexey has been taking over across the world, spinning in Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean and of course the United States.

Her music style is a mix between different genres. From Electro to Reggae she knows how to bring a good atmosphere to an event and make people endlessly dance to her music.

Her mission in music is to make people happy and have a good time. Responsiveness of the crowd is the key for success and the biggest reward for her.

She has already been working for very famous brands such as DVF, DKNY, NIKE, JUICY, TIFFANY’S, BLOOMINGDALE’S, SAKS, MACY’S, REDKEN, VOGUE and VICTORIA’S SECRET… And the 8th of January we will have the pleasure to have her perform for Modus Man bloggers’ event in Soho!


In the meantime, go on her webpage and download some good tracks!

Here is a good one for the Holidays.




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