Brand New Pre-Damaged Baggage

Capture d’écran 2014-01-16 à 16.16.30

You are at the airport quietly waiting like everyone else for your luggage to arrive on the carousel. You’re a little anxious.  You never know, maybe it was lost, maybe it has been damaged.  You try to fight your place among all those tourists who want to be, just like you, the first out of the airport.  The problem is that you do not always recognize your own luggage.  What’s more common and banal than a travel bag?

We spotted an original luggage from a brand called Crash Baggage. This bag has the unique ability to not get damaged. Why? Because it is already damaged when you buy it! Each Crash Baggage unit is sold with a pre-damaged design, looks like Thor applied his hammer to the design. Indeed, the strategy of the brand is to assume that a major anxiety source for a traveler is damaging his luggage. So instead of rolling your luggage up in plastic before checking it in, buy a bag that just can’t be more damaged than it already is!

crashcrash 2crash 6


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