X Fashion alternative week X

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FAT (Fashion art Toronto) formerly Fashion Alternative Week, is now celebrating its fifth anniversary. FAT was created to push the fashion industry forward and reconcile the fashion and art industry. It has marked the beginning of a new stream in the fashion world. Its primary purpose is to make fashion more inclusive, more engaging about ideas and concepts. It allows artists to express themselves and bring something new and innovative to push the boundaries. This alternative fashion week allows the audience to rethink preconceived ideas about art, fashion and life generally speaking. Unlike usual fashion shows, the audience is not considered to be passive anymore. Fashion is now used to convey a message.

The aim of this year’s Fashion Alternative Week is to reconcile and explore the opposition between INFASHION (trends) and UNFASHION, which is beyond trends (culture, nature, religion…). 

Each night, two opposing themes will be revisited by artists to give a new dimension to what is considered to be at the center of the fashion world and what is not to question the oppositions. The sub-themes will be: Earth vs Industry, Grit vs Glamour, Cult vs Culture, Masculine vs Feminine and Minimal vs Extreme.


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