Hipsters are over

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These past  years, some alternative fashion movements popped-up. To flee the monotony of everyday life, young people  adopt alternative lifestyles. The Hipster movement was developed in this context. A context of rebellion against the dictates of fashion. But like any trend, it attracts the attention of the mass in the long-term. Today Hipster style seems to have been captured by the fashion-victims. You can see a Hipster at any street corner dressed up in a long black dress, a coat that looks like a dressing gown, tousled hair and as a final touch a winter beanie even when it’s hot outside. A growing number of anti-hipsters are making fun of these “faux- hipsters” all over the internet and on social media. Indeed, once a trend touches a broader audience, it becomes, fashionable and once it is fashionable the symbolic significance of the movement loses its relevance.

One month ago a new movement was launched by K-Hole a group of New Yorkers: The Normcore. You haven’t heard of it?  Totally normal! The principle is simple. Be as discreet as you can and be dressed in the most casual non-fashion way. This new trend was created to fight against hipsterisation. The Normcore consists in repressing any style. To be  “Normcore” you should wear basic sneakers, an oversized Gap sweater and your dad’s trousers from the 80’s. The more basic outfit you find, the better it is.

So, is this the dawn of a new age or a bunch of young people that are messing with us? Well, we definitely hope people won’t follow this BORING “trend”…



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