Modus Couture

Modus Man  (formerly known as Modus Couture) is an online store that specializes in men’s Haute & Wearable Couture.   Please visit is us at   As our reputation has proven, Modus Man stays away from the “popular trend”, but rather focuses on Couture that will shape the future of design.

Modus Man always features the highest quality fabrics and attention to details to create a sophisticated, luxurious look while keeping a fun, comfortable, self-assuring image.  Our designers espouse a cutting-edge design that can transform any person into “fabulous”.
Modus Man current men’s shirt collection is truly unique where attention to details is accentuated. Our featured designer are Stone Rose, Robert Graham, Stone Rose, bg by Bogosse.

Modus Man presents couture with square buttons, contrast stitches, double sided fabrics, double buttons.

You can contact us via email at



  1. YES I have noticed that the Bertigo Designer shirt Tao 18 doesnt come in my hubands size.Do you know if there will be additional stock added? and if so please contact me Im interested.

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