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Quixotic’s Movement to Bring Back Chilvary

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Now here is a brand that understands the importance of detail! Quixotic is a brand that sells 6 pocket squares, yes, SIX. There is one available for every workday and extra one for good luck or also known as the classic.

Although we do appreciate the good ol’ classic look, why does this brand have people talking? Similar to the previous brands we have been discussing, Quixotic has found something they can contribute to.

Not only do they give 10 percent of their sales to a U.S based organization striving to end domestic violence but they also have a square for square program. If you loose or damage your Quixotic pocket square in “some gentlemanly act of kindness” you will be given another free of charge.

Their only requirement is to tell them you’re story of how you offered your pocket in an act of kindness. In their words, “Gentlemanly valor is not limited to once-in-a-lifetime needs. In fact, the smaller the need, the more extravagantly chivalrous your act will seem. “ Here are some things they suggest you to doScreen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.21.41 PM

Quixotic might give hope to the millennial generation. Maybe they will learn a thing or too about chivalry, but then again how many of these kids are wearing pocket squares anyway.

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