Wimbledon’s Best Dressed of All Time

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René Lacoste
Jean René Lacoste was nothing less of extraordinary. Not only was Lacoste one of the most fashionable men in sports but he made a huge impact on the fashion industry. His last name may be one you recognize, as he was the first to introduce the world’s short-sleeved knit shirt (also known as the polo shirt.) Lacoste disliked the conventional long-sleeved dress shirt at the time, so he debuted the short-sleeve shirt at the US Open in 1926 with the crocodile logo embroidered upon the chest, an appropriate mascot after earning his nickname, “The Crocodile”, in 1923. In 1933, when Lacoste retired from tennis he launched his global brand with Andre Gillier. Not only did he introduce the revolutionary polo but he was also one of the first to show of the external branding on a piece of clothing with the ever so famous crocodile logo.

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Fred Perry
One of the most successful British tennis players of all time, Fred Perry took place of René Lacoste after he had retired. Not only known for his tennis excellence, Perry’s and his all-white attire eventually led to the development of a sweatband with his name on it. Adopting the laurel wreath as a logo, Fred Perry Sportswear was launched in 1952 with its most famous product, to this day, being the honeycomb cotton polo shirt, bearing the instantly recognizable Fred Perry logo on the chest He also influenced countless generations with his innovative and elegant clothing line, which endures to this day.


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Björn Borg
Bjorn Borg is not only considered one of the best tennis players of all time but one of the biggest fashion icons. Known for striped headbands, colour-coordinated socks and ultra-short white shorts, he definitely wasn’t just hitting tennis balls. Memory of the tennis legend Björn Borg’s are not lonely just a memory they are now represented in the Bjorn Borg brand.