Rememeber: 1 Detail, 3 styles, a Better Fit

Next time you get dressed for work take a look at the details on the back of your shirt. What you may be looking is called the pleat. A pleat is usually located where the seams of your shirt meet. Pleats are usually designed to give the best fit for you body type. Your back has a natural curve and wearing the wrong shirt can cause discomfort throughout the day, restricting your movements. Pleats were created to give comfort for your body type. Simply by looking at pleats on a dress shirt, people can determine if it was store bought, tailored, or well tailored to fit the man. There are 3 types of pleats you can choose from

Box Pleat


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The box pleat is the most common. The box pleat creates a rectangular fold of fabric that runs along the middle of the back. If you have slope shoulders this is a better fit for you. However, this style is very universal because the design offers the most movement. Therefore, making it the most popular.

Knife Pleats


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Knife pleats, also known as side pleats, are known to be cleaner and even a little more stylish then the box pleat. This allows the fit of your shirt to better take to the shape of your back. It’s a great option for someone who is constantly bending over or reaching for things.

No Pleat  


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 No pleats are much more of the modern style. However, it gives the shirt more of a fitted look. It’s more of a rare to find one in stores, but it’s the easiest to iron! You can get it tailored made to your liking.


Be You Be Philanthropic

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I always thought the holiday season was the time for giving. However it’s summer, and yet another brand is found giving back to the world.

Kate Spade and Company has recently released their new line of hand made products called “On Purpose.” On Purpose teaches a group of 150 women in Marsoro, Rwanda to become a profitable supplier to all Kate Spade and Company brands.These women are giving a road leading them of poverty by providing them with a monthly salary, enough money to support their family and even enough to send their children to school.

Kate Spade’s goal isn’t just to help just the women of Rwanda but women in poverty all over the world. Once the ENTIRE community (yes not just the women working) is economically stable they will move to another community in the world and so on and so forth.

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These beautiful handmade pieces are not just, scarfs, bracelets and bags but a movement leaving positive impacts to an endless amount of places.

These brands impacting the world beyond fashion are giving fashion a different meaning. Although style is expressing yourself, you can now begin to feel a little more philanthropic as well! I am looking forward to how far Kate Spade takes this

Know any other companies you hear who are working on something philanthropic like this? Let us know! We’d love to hear what you find!

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Chaos or a Dream Come True: The Future of Shopping

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Just when you thought the shopping world couldn’t get more advanced than online shopping; where there’s a will there’s a way. Urban research, a Japanese company, reported to be opening 50 to 60 new stores per year and driving sales growth above 20 percent in April by the Business of Fashion but that is not all.

Recently they have been doing an experiment on virtual changing booths. Urban Research is one of Japan’s fastest growing fashion retailers and now if this experiment is successful they might have opened a whole new door for not only themselves but for all brands.

However, Urban Research is not the only one who has tested out the virtual changing room. Brands such as Topshop and Fitting Reality have also experimented with this. They use the Xbox Kinect to configure you with the clothes.  Based on the video below, trying on the clothes yourself may be a better bet. The clothes presented in this virtual changing booth makes you look like an avatar. The accuracy of the look is most likely questionable. Hopefully Urban Research can improve these defects.

Just think, with this virtual changing booth there will be no more hassle of trying things on or spending hours roaming the store. You will even be able to mix and match outfits, which will most likely increase your spending; and for you store owners, say goodbye to checking inventory.

Although this does sound like a dream come true this could potentially cause more chaos then shopping on Black Friday. Imagine the crowd of people who would be hovering around the virtual changing booth.

A dream come true or a hectic mess? What do you think will come of this?!

Importance of the Men’s Dress Shirt

Ask a woman this simple question: what can enhance the look, personality and appearance of a man in a matter of moments? The answer is a quality men’s dress shirt.

A men’s dress shirt can help reorganize the way you look. A dress shirt is comfortable and can be cool, fashionable, elegant, stylish and it is the easiest way to express your personality and style. You can wear them anytime and for any purpose.

The shirt is the most noticeable of the dress items. It is often said that the dress shirt is the first alphabet of person’s body language. You need to understand that the first impression may not always be the best impression if you pick the wrong shirt. Selecting a suitable and matching dress shirt is very important, and we recommend a woman’s advice. It is important to take into consideration the occasion, color, design, dimension, fabric and collar.

  1. Dress for the Occasion: Each kind of occasion demands a particular set of color and design.
  2. Know Your Dimensions: The most important aspect is not the sleeve length but the fit on the shoulders. If the fit at the shoulders is perfect and the sleeves are too short, please do not be alarmed. Simply fold back the sleeves. In such case, we recommend selecting a couture shirt with double side fabric.
  3. Color: color is all around us and has more influence over our moods then you might think. When it comes to fashion, color is a powerful way to send non-verbal messages about your confidence and ability. A men’s dress shirt color implies the level of success, background, status, authority, personality and more. A man who wears a pink couture shirt actually creates an air of confidence because any man who dares to where it must be just that.
  4. Design: There are endless impressive displays of men’s dress shirt styles and designs to choose from. You need to have a wide variety of designs and styles (different collar, stippled, solid colors, different collar designs, different button styles etc…)
  5. Fabrics: Cotton is by far the most common fabric for dress shirts. All men’s cotton shirt are not created equal. Pay close attention to the fabric quality and please diversify. For instance, your closet must include a linen shirt.
  6. Collar: the collar is the most important aspect of a men’s dress shirt. We discussed that point in a previous article.(LINK)

All men should adhere to this advice: Look Fabulous!

Not safe for Work: ScarJo undresses for French Vogue

For the first time in forever, Kanye West’s blog has proved useful. He has posted exclusive pictures from Scarlett Johansson. We realize this is a menswear blog, but these pictures are really, really hot. You’re welcome!

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Spotted: Swamp boots

In early March, when Milan Fashion Week ended, we told you to start buying fishing waders and swamp boots because the Prada show is one of the most accurate trend prognosticators out there. Well, the trend has already been spotted by The Sartorialist: The picture above was taken in Marais, Paris. The trench is perfection, the hair a risky choice, but the boots? The boots are forever.

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Would you take fashion advice from this guy?

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Idiosyncratic fashion designer Rick Owens is featured in Details giving a top ten list of fashion advice. Before you consider any of it, keep in mind that Mr. Owens has worn this , this, and made this. He is also in the new Vice fashion issue, where, in response to the question, ‘what’s your fashion aesthetic?’, he answers, “The low hum of a heavy industrial motor.” Grim. In any case, his rules:

1. I’m not good at subtlety. If you’re not going to be discreet and quiet, then just go all the way and have the balls to shave off your eyebrows, bleach your hair, and put on some big bracelets.

2. Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead. [ed. we actually agree with this one]

7. Jean-Michel Frank, the thirties interior and furniture designer, supposedly had 40 identical double-breasted gray flannel suits. He knew himself and is a wonderful example of restraint and extravagance. [ed. this is what Jean-Michel looked like]

9. I hate rings and bracelets on men. I’m not a fan of man bags, or girl bags either—or even sunglasses. I don’t like fussy accessories.

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