Be You Be Philanthropic

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I always thought the holiday season was the time for giving. However it’s summer, and yet another brand is found giving back to the world.

Kate Spade and Company has recently released their new line of hand made products called “On Purpose.” On Purpose teaches a group of 150 women in Marsoro, Rwanda to become a profitable supplier to all Kate Spade and Company brands.These women are giving a road leading them of poverty by providing them with a monthly salary, enough money to support their family and even enough to send their children to school.

Kate Spade’s goal isn’t just to help just the women of Rwanda but women in poverty all over the world. Once the ENTIRE community (yes not just the women working) is economically stable they will move to another community in the world and so on and so forth.

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These beautiful handmade pieces are not just, scarfs, bracelets and bags but a movement leaving positive impacts to an endless amount of places.

These brands impacting the world beyond fashion are giving fashion a different meaning. Although style is expressing yourself, you can now begin to feel a little more philanthropic as well! I am looking forward to how far Kate Spade takes this

Know any other companies you hear who are working on something philanthropic like this? Let us know! We’d love to hear what you find!

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