Chaos or a Dream Come True: The Future of Shopping

japan-virtual-changing-booth-wikimedia-656x429Photo taken from businessoffashion.com

Just when you thought the shopping world couldn’t get more advanced than online shopping; where there’s a will there’s a way. Urban research, a Japanese company, reported to be opening 50 to 60 new stores per year and driving sales growth above 20 percent in April by the Business of Fashion but that is not all.

Recently they have been doing an experiment on virtual changing booths. Urban Research is one of Japan’s fastest growing fashion retailers and now if this experiment is successful they might have opened a whole new door for not only themselves but for all brands.

However, Urban Research is not the only one who has tested out the virtual changing room. Brands such as Topshop and Fitting Reality have also experimented with this. They use the Xbox Kinect to configure you with the clothes.  Based on the video below, trying on the clothes yourself may be a better bet. The clothes presented in this virtual changing booth makes you look like an avatar. The accuracy of the look is most likely questionable. Hopefully Urban Research can improve these defects.

Just think, with this virtual changing booth there will be no more hassle of trying things on or spending hours roaming the store. You will even be able to mix and match outfits, which will most likely increase your spending; and for you store owners, say goodbye to checking inventory.

Although this does sound like a dream come true this could potentially cause more chaos then shopping on Black Friday. Imagine the crowd of people who would be hovering around the virtual changing booth.

A dream come true or a hectic mess? What do you think will come of this?!