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3 Reasons Why Puma is Making a Power Move and Why you Should try it too


As always, Addis and Nike are major influences of FIFA apparel and merchandise. While Puma being only a fraction of the size, their smaller brand (in comparison to Addis and Nike) seems to be making power steps during the FIFA 2014 World Cup in order to get a taste of the spotlight.

These three marketing strategies are Puma’s not so secret approaches to stand out and make a better name for their brand. If you apply these three Puma strategies to your style you may too get your own taste of the spotlight.


  1. Know what you can pull off and pull it off well.

Puma knows better then to try and over-power their competitors, Addis and Nike. They are just not as popular, and that’s okay. Recently, Puma began working on mainly becoming a livewire brand for runners and soccer enthusiasts because they know that is what they are good at. Style is more than just what you wear, it’s how you present yourself. Like Puma, you don’t always have to be the master of all tasks to be one of the best. Find the style that you know you can be the master of and represents you. You will feel more confident and will find that being dominant in one thing is more satisfying than being mediocre at many things.

  1. Use a different image to your advantage.

Their new cleat, evoPOWER, has the left cleat blue and the right is a hot pink, and is catching the eyes of many FIFA fans. Not only is this a great marketing strategy for Puma, this new athletic trend may be influential to not only athletes but to the way we dress and what is says about who we are. At first it may seem weird, but small statements like this can make a difference on your day and get you noticed.

  1. Stray away from the cliché.

Puma knows better then to begin showcasing their commercials this early in the game. They are now waiting until after the games are over, in fear of getting over shadowed by the other big sponsors of the World Cup. In which they are currently relying on their market strategies to get their name in the lights. Following the rules are means playing it safe, sometimes stepping out of the box is what you need to take that extra step. Just like Puma, step out of what may be the norm and try something out of the ordinary. You may get your foot into a door that you never may have imagined possible.

Like Puma you are a brand, and you need to know what is going to help make your brand grow, while also staying true to what the meaning behind the brand is or yourself.