Watch worth wearing

Much has been said about watches and whether they should be used anymore. In my opinion they should still be used, and are actually a necessity. Any well dressed man knows that nothing can replace the simple timeless beauty of a well chosen watch. The beauty of the watch is its ability to make a fashion statement on its own. The watch evokes a timelessness that very few accessories can. Not to mention that as men we have very few accessories to choose from, so we should not abandon one of the few that we do have.
In today’s age it is easy to notice who is a true fashionista by noticing who wears a watch worth wearing. What counts as a watch worth wearing is a tricky question. Most man when they think of a watch worth wearing they think of a big price tag. That is however not always the case. Timex and Nixon make great timeless watches that won’t break the bank. With like anything in fashion, once you know the rules you know how to break them. But if you are not fully initiated into fashion the most general guideline for picking a watch is, buy it if it has a classic look. Think of James Bond, if he would wear it, you have found a watch worth wearing. The watch tends to be very simple, only numbers and three hands. The simplicity of such a watch is reminiscent of the 50’s and has the aura of Mad Men.
Our recommendation is the Panerai luminor 1950 submersible 1000 m 44mm


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